The Trust Are Not A Protest Group

28 October 2013 12:59
Trust Statement The Sky Blue Trust has been approached by Mr Michael Orton, the co-ordinator of the Keep Coventry In Coventry campaign group asking the Trust to take over the running of this group.


The Trust fully agrees with the ultimate aim of such protest groups, be that KCIC or the newly formed Get Cov Back To The Ricoh, after all we are all Coventry fans and we all want our team back in its home City. However the Trust is not a protest group.


The Sky Blue Trust is there to represent its members and to work with and to lobby the club (irrespective of who the owners are), and others, to achieve the ultimate aims of the Trust.


The Sky Blue Trust wants a club that has success on the pitch, is financially stable and rooted in the community. We believe that a level of fan ownership and fan involvement at board level is the best way of ensuring that these long term aims are met.


At this moment in time these important aims are not the priority, bringing our club home is and the Trust is trying to aid this process through dialogue and discussion with all the major stakeholders.


We believe we can achieve this through negotiation, pragmatism and a professional approach. Being involved with or even running any protest group would be counter productive to this. 


Mr Orton and his colleagues have done a fine job highlighting the plight of our club to the world at large but if he feels he no longer has the will orcapacity personally to continue then I am sure someone equally capable will come forward to take up the reigns.


The Trust is sure that there are plenty of dedicated Coventry fans who would be happy to take over the running of KCIC from Mr Orton and we would urge them to contact him directly. 


Source: Coventry MAD