The Squad's Too Big - Pressley

17 April 2013 10:23
Pressley Looking For Squad Reduction

Coventry City manager Steven Pressley feels that the current first team squad of thirty four players is too big and needs to be trimmed down.

Although, one could argue that City need a big squad due to the amount of injuries they have during a season, the City boss is adamant that he wants a smaller, tighter unit and said to the Coventry Telegraph's Andy Turner: “The squad, for me, is far too big here.

“It’s an unmanageable squad. When I came to the club there were 34 players and you’ve got situations where we’re doing 11 v 11 work and at times you’re having to let some of our senior players down whereas it should be the case that if you’re short of players you bring your young boys in to help.

“But we’ve got a situation where we’re having to let a lot of senior players down and it doesn’t create the type of environment that I want to create at the club.

"So moving forward there’s no doubt that I would like to reduce the size of the squad and create a far more manageable group.

“The average Championship club uses 26 players in a season. We have got a squad of 34 and that’s not ideal.

“I want a tight group and I would rather a situation where if we were struggling for a position then we’d go out and get a loan player, so do it when we need to rather than be in the position of having a huge group which is difficult to manage.

“I think unity and spirit is a very important aspect in taking the club forward and you have to get the right balance in terms of the size of the group so I definitely want to address that.”

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Source: Coventry MAD