The Ricoh Arena Must Be Part Of Any Deal - Elliott

18 April 2013 05:37
Elliott On Deal

Joe Elliott has said that the a fifty per cent share of Ricoh Arena must be part of any deal.

Speaking to the Coventry Observer's Steve Carpenter after last night's Coventry City Kenilworth Supporters Club meeting at which he and Gary Hoffman attended, Mr Elliott said: “Gary and I are absolutely clear that any deal going forward with Preston or anybody else must include the 50 per cent share in the Ricoh Arena. “That is a fact.

“If the 50 per cent share isn't there, then the deal will not be done.

“The first thing to do is to make sure the administrator knows where we are coming from.

“Both myself and Gary get on very well personally with the Higgs Charity and the Council and members of the board of ACL, and we want to keep our relationship with ACL in a very positive way.

“What Sisu do is down to them. But certainly as far as we are concerned this is a once and only chance.

“We've been silent for two years and we would have been silent for longer regarding Preston but we believe he was spotted at the Colchester game by a member of the club staff and through that the word got out.

“The last trip we tried to keep quiet because we want to keep our business behind the scenes but that was also leaked as well, which we weren't very impressed with.

“We have an absolute clear conscience that we are doing our best for CCFC.

“Preston seems to be a very good guy. He's very, very keen. We are very keen too.

“We won't be saying any more on the matter for the foreseeable future. We just want to conduct our business behind the scenes.”

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