The Longer It Went On The More Dominant We Became - Pressley

09 November 2013 02:08
More from City manager on win at AFC Wimbledon

Coventry City manager Steven Pressley felt that his side grew as the game, which saw the Sky Blues win 3-1 at AFC Wimbledon progressed.

Speaking to David James who was working for BT Sports alongside former Coventry City player and manager Bobby Gould, Pressley said: "Obviously, them (AFC Wimbledon) scoring first was a concern but we are a fit team and we play really high intensity football and the longer the game went on, I knew the more dominant we would become.

"I have got confidence and we have scored a lot of early goals and a lot of late goals this season because of that style of football so I'm delighted. These cup ties are always difficult encounters but for me the most important thing was winning tonight."


Source: Coventry MAD