The Involvement Of Fans Is Essential - MP

29 January 2013 12:59
MP's on new Government report.

A Labour Shadow MP has said that supporters must continue to have a say in the running of the game on the day the Government threatened to impose changes if English football did not reform.

The report from the Department of Media, Culture and Sport highlights concerns about financial management at a number of levels including clubs as well as the balance of power between the Premier League and the Football Association and the impact of significant risk-taking by owners.

Coventry City has its Supporters Consultation Group and nationally, there is the Football Supporters Federation and fans involvement in the running of the game was today described as essiental by one MP  

"The involvement of fans is essential for the future vitality of the game and there is a worrying trend as financial interests take hold that the game is becoming remote from the communities from which the clubs originated," said Labour's shadow minister for sport, Clive Efford MP to the BBC.

Speaking about the report, Sports Minister Hugh Robertson told the BBC: 

 "The report from the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport committee (CMS) shows the will there is across Parliament for football to modernise and change for the better.

"We have been clear that we want the football authorities to carry out the reforms they promised by the start of the 2013-14 season - most notably around improved governance and diverse representation at the FA, the development of a licensing system and greater financial transparency.

"If football does not deliver then we will look at bringing forward legislation."

The FA, Premier League and Football League responded in a statement: "Significant headway has already been made on many of these proposed reforms, not least on sustainability and transparency.

"The remaining reform proposals are the subject of consultation within the game and we are confident that the necessary progress will be made."

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Source: Coventry MAD