The Fitter You Are The Better Your Decision Making - Pressley

19 July 2013 11:58
City Boss On Fitness

Coventry City manager Steven Pressley has been talking about fitness during the club's pre-season tour of Germany and Holland.

Pressley, Pete Tierney, Steve Ogrizovic and Ian Foster have had the players working on their fitness levels with a range of activities including cycling.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph's Andy Turner, Pressley said “I don’t think, in general, that we train hard enough in the UK. 

“When I look at the continental teams now they play at such a high level and the intensity of the game is so high, and when you watch the way they train and go about things they do it at really high levels, and I think we can improve on that.

“I look at other sports, tennis for example and the likes of Andy Murray and what he’s achieved, and that’s been achieved by hard, hard work and he’s become a much fitter person.

"And I believe the fitter you are the better your decision making and better you will become, so everything we do will be to improve the players but I do think we’ll become a fitter team."

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Source: Coventry MAD