The cost of watching Coventry City

02 August 2011 09:00
Results of survey The BBC have published the results of a recent survey into the cost of watching football and Coventry City are right in the middle. The survey took into account the cost of a match day ticket, the price of a programme, the price of a pie and cup of coffee and the cheapest option show that at The Ricoh Arena, a fan would have to part with £29.60. The survey does not take into account season ticket prices, parking or the cost of travel and is only meant to be a snapshot to compare the costs between clubs in the same division. Watford came out on top as the cheapest place to watch Championship football with a cheapest day out cost of £17.30. West Ham, probably not surprisingly given their recent Premier League status and being a London club, were the most expensive and by some margin as their cheapest day out total amounts to £40.30 To see the full BBC report click on the link below;