That Was An Embarrassment - Shaw

19 September 2012 10:23
Shaw on defeat at Shrewsbury

Coventry City Caretaker Manager Richard Shaw admitted that the 4-1 defeat to Shrewsbury Town was an embarrassment.

Speaking to the CT's Andy Turner, Shaw said:  “That was an embarrassment – lack of motivation, lack of desire, whatever you call it I don’t know, but they just didn’t deliver tonight.

“They’re fine in training so you can’t explain it when they concede cheap goals like that.

“I think the players let themselves down and they let the supporters down. I’m disappointed – of course I am – because you say the right things before the game and at half-time and for some reason they don’t do it.

“I suppose I do feel let down but we move on and we’ll see what happens on Saturday.

“I’ve no idea if that was my last game, but I’ve always said that something needs to be sorted out sooner rather than later because the players need direction, they need to know where they are. We need stability

“Being a caretaker you can’t really lay down what you want to in terms of discipline or anything else – at the moment it’s left in limbo.

“Whoever comes in it’s a big job because you can see where the football club is financially, where the team is in terms of confidence.

“By the same token, if you can get it right here I know what the club is capable of.”