Take The Offer Or Face The Legal Consequences - Carter

26 February 2013 10:47
ACL Chairman issues ultimatium

Arena Coventry Limited Chairman Nicholas Carter has told the Coventry Telegraph that all negotiations are at an end unless Coventry City accept their final offer to solve the Ricoh Rent row.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph, Mr Carter said: "The board of ACL made a fair, reasonable and generous best and final offer to Coventry City Football Club.

All negotiations are now at an end unless the offer is accepted by CCFC.

“The situation is quite simple. CCFC owes ACL £1.3m which a court of law has confirmed our right to collect. Our board has participated in hours of discussions with CCFC during which we have made many concessions and CCFC has made none.

“CCFC’s owners can now either take the offer which is on the table or face the legal consequences. "It is entirely their decision.”

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Source: Coventry MAD