Tactics talks for City squad

07 July 2010 08:43
"It is not just about getting fit, it is about creating an understanding about the way we play": Boothroyd Coventry City boss Aidy Boothroyd will turn his attention to how he wants the team to play and will talk to the team about tactics and strategy. Boothroyd has had the chance to have a look at his players and to assess the qualities and levels of fitness and will now turn his attention to how he wants them to play together. Boothroyd, talking from the Austrian training camp said, “In a 46-game season a lot of the time you are either playing or recovering,” “You are either patting yourself on the back or kicking yourself up the backside, so the five or six weeks in pre-season are key for me because that’s where you can do all your work. It is not just about getting fit, it is about creating an understanding about the way we play and what we are going to do at re-starts or when we lose a man." "An understanding about what we need to do when we go up to play Leeds in November and it is chucking down with rain and nearly called off and then it is not and the pitch changes, so what are we going to do then. I like to preempt a lot of things so that when they do happen we are prepared for them. "Of course you can’t legislate for everything but I do believe that if players have an understanding and are not playing in a particular way, especially at home, then there are certain things we can do to get ourselves going again. It might mean we lose a player in a certain position but we might end up winning with a set piece people haven’t seen before.” Boothroyd concluded by saying, “So that’s where I think your five and a half weeks is vital. I will be doing a lot of experimentation in the games leading up to first game of the season for two reasons." “Firstly, because I want to see different people in different positions, and secondly, I want everyone to have an understanding of what they are going to need to do and the flexibility that will be required throughout the season.”


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