Strachan Delighted For His Family

15 January 2013 07:13
Gordon Strachan on getting the Scotland job

Former Coventry City player and manager Gordon Strachan has said that he is delighted to have become the new manager of the Scottish National Team.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Strachan, who has a contract until Euro 2016  said: "I am very very proud in myself and my family are proud I've become Scotland manager.

It's a great day for me to do this and it's been 40 years in the making.

"There'll be rough times but I know there'll be good times too.

"Every club you go to there's always challenges but this is the first time the challenges are in front of a nation.

"If you can be successful you can make a nation happy and make a nation proud and that is the priority for me to be able to do that with help from other people."

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Source: Coventry MAD