Sphinx Not Merging With Coventry United

11 July 2013 02:09
Free Radio Story Denied It has been reported by local media today that Coventry Sphinx Football Club are to merge with Coventry United Football Club.

As Chairman of Coventry Sphinx FC I can assure our players, supporters and all involved that no discussions have taken place regarding any proposal of this nature and these reports are completely false. We pride ourselves in being an honest and open club in whatever we do and that will continue.

Coventry Sphinx Football Club have a very proud heritage dating back to 1946 and have steadily progressed through the non-league levels and we are very proud of our status as the highest ranked non-league football club in Coventry playing in the Midland football Alliance and also the FA Cup and FA Vase.

We continue to improve our facilities at Sphinx Drive to ensure we maintain our status as a sustainable and progressive non-league football club representing the City of Coventry on both a regional and national level.

I think that the issues CCFC fans face at present are clearly shocking to say the least and we as a football club will not jump on any bandwagon for the sake of trying to use this sad situation as a platform to benefit our club. The Sky Blue fans need to be respected and supported at this time and not exploited. CCFC fans have over the years seen the highs and lows and are a credit to the City of Coventry on how they have conducted themselves.

We always welcome fans and partners both current and new to our club after all they are the life blood of our beautiful game and without them we have nothing. You can’t cut of the hand that feeds you. In any business if you look after your customers and they will come back to you after time.

Dannie F Cahill


Coventry Sphinx Football Club

Source: Coventry MAD