Speak When I Am Able To - Lucas

07 May 2013 12:03
Ann Lucas mindful of legal action

New Coventry City Council leader Ann Lucas has said that she will speak about the Coventry City/ Ricoh Arena situation when she is able to do.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph's Les Reid, the City supporting Council Leader, who defeated John Mutton on Thursday night to become the new leader, said: “Having taken legal advice, I can’t comment about anything concerning the football club. As soon as I can, I will.

 “I’m mindful of legal action.  “I’m not prepared to say anything that might harm the council, ACL or my beloved football club.”

More: http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/2013/05/06/i-want-to-make-coventry-great-again-says-new-council-leader-ann-lucas-92746-33287568/#ixzz2SY4FZVA4

Source: Coventry MAD