Someone Bash The Councils Heads Together

18 July 2013 12:06
Interesting Read

Below is an interesting post from Ian Neale on the Coventry City situation.

I cannot see anyone who really wants the Sky Blues out of the Ricoh but everything is loaded at the door of Sisu,the world is a vastly different place today since the day that CCFC directors signed crippling stadium agreements starving any club owner of essential Matchday, stadium naming and Sponsorship revenue , I wonder where the Council officials and politicians whom sanctioned the agreement to force the club with one hand behind there back to sign here or else? Now all the politicians are out in parliament slandering the same laws they made and using parliamentary protection to spread the poison and protect themselves for the foolish deeds they committed and playing a large part in putting the Sky Blues at risk, these public servants who say they won't deal with certain owners when they are playing Russian roulette with the club, fans and what is set to become a white elephant rather than a sky blue one. 

It does not matter who owns the club now or in the future unless the city council open there eyes they will further decimate a city that is 10 th largest in population but about 50th in retail development which says a lot about the people that have run the city centre development . 

It does not take Einstein to work out the loss to the City in income , jobs and development by have a thriving arena just off the M6. 

How much longer will a Casino in a football stadium that is paying no rent due to no footfall , or businesses based at a football stadium remain when the key attraction is not on site, how long before all the council benefiting agreements fall down around the ears of councillors, the Ricoh deal , the compass deal and every other sponsor deal that blindly led greedy inexperienced council officials signed up for a private business that they have already bailed out with council taxpayers money ? Sisu maybe guilty of many things but in reality the Council and Coventry need the team more than the club. 

Time for all the MP's , councillors and fans of the club to look at getting the club rent free, get the sky blues generating income for local business, local jobs and building the local economy and give the club the income it needs rent free,catering and sponsor income to give the club the opportunity to compete under fair play rules. 

For the benefit of Coventry as a city,the fans and the club decision makers take note , bite the bullet and provide a rent free, restriction free stadium and enhance the SBITC expand and deliver all sport , healthy living and exercise in the city to meet there debt and rebuild that feel good factor a successful club can build for a city or town. 

Someone please bash the heads of the council together to sort the problem they created and have forced upon the current club to resolve it. 

God bless

Source: Coventry MAD