So The Golden Share Was in CCFC Ltd

24 May 2013 09:44
Trust To Ballot Members

Prove has finally emerged of what many City supporters already knew in that the Golden Share did actually lie with Coventry City Football Club Limited.

The Sky Blue Trust has been shown clear proof that the “Golden Share” lies with CCFC Ltd and therefore the club should be being run by the Administrator Paul Appleton and not Tim Fisher and CCFC (Holdings) Ltd.

The Trust, said in an email to members: "The Trust board has been alarmed and disappointed that Tim Fisher has complete disregard for the views and wishes of Sky Blue supporters and is still pushing ahead with plans for moving the club away from Coventry for a minimum of  3 years and building a new stadium. These plans can only become reality if SISU regain control of the club.

We believe these plans are flawed and would ultimately drive the club back into administration and possibly kill it altogether.

-          For at least 3 seasons we would be playing “home” matches away from Coventry, in front of  greatly reduced crowds and therefore revenue. Under FFP rules this could result in our playing budget being amongst the lowest in the division and could very easily lead to further relegation.

-          Playing home matches away from home would alienate huge numbers of supporters who may simply never come back even if the club survived long enough to come back to the Coventry area.

-          Such a plan would saddle the club with additional millions in unnecessary debt for years to come.

-          Coventry play in Coventry not Walsall or Birmingham or in the Coventry area (Whatever that means!)

The plan is unnecessary, ill-judged, financially reckless and openly opposed by thousands of Coventry supporters. It could be the end of Coventry City."

The Trust is balloting its members as to whether planned action is what the membership wants. 

Source: Coventry MAD