Slade - it Was Going To Happen

23 October 2013 12:38
Opposing Manager's View

Leyton Orient manager Russell Slade felt that his side's unbeaten run was always going to end.

Speaking to Simon Mall of the East London And West Essex Guardian Series, Slade said: "It was going to happen sooner or later so we have to take that on the chin to be honest. What I was really pleased about was that the attitude even at 2-0 and 3-0 was excellent.

"I think it's fine lines sometimes. I'm not saying we deserved to win the game tonight, because I don't think we did, but if we had scored the penalty maybe that would have changed the game. 

"Even though we weren't having a great night if we scored that goal we've already beaten Coventry twice and to come back at them at that stage, they may then have mentally thought they were struggling to get on top of this side. But they got a goal five minutes later and really that was crucial from their point of view.

"But we kept going to the end and got ourselves a goal. We have to be better and I was very disappointed with the way we conceded the last two goals. We're better than that. Having said that, the first two goals if you watched them on TV you'd say they were really well worked and they'll be delighted with them."


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Source: Coventry MAD