Slack Use Of Company Names - Fisher

20 September 2013 12:45
Fisher On Player Contracts

Coventry City CEO Tim Fisher has said that the problem of players contracts and with which Coventry City company they were registered with, are down to the slack use of company names.

Mr Fisher wrote in his programme notes for the Gillingham game about the documents which appeared on the web concerning some player transfers: "Some documents were put on a website then leaked to the press with regards to certain players contracts.

"The point I believe, was to once again destablish the club and to somehow 'prove' that there was some mystery behind player contracts and where they were registered.

"I was asked to clarify what it all meant to the press and speaking to the media is something I never shied away from.

"But still rumours remained rife surrounding these documents and there has been an attempt to get them discussed in parliament.

"We reviewed them in full and the professional players were indeed, registered with Coventry City Football Club (Holdings) Ltd, which is consistent with what we have been saying all along.

"The problems arise from slack use of company names historically - mainly by third parties and that is why restructuring the club was so important.

"Again, to be clear, we inherited this complicated structure and have now unified the club under one company, which is better for everyone moving forward."


Source: Coventry MAD