Sky Blue Trust Set Up A Fighting Fund

10 December 2012 12:06
Fund set up

The last week has been particularly hectic, and we’ve been meeting with as many of the different people involved, including the club, ACL, the Higgs charity, the council, and a representative of some potential investors.

An awful lot of what was discussed was only talked about on a confidential basis, but it’s become clear that the Trust needs to be putting itself in a position where it is ready to act very quickly. This may well involve engaging expert help that is beyond the talents of our membership, and would not come free. From the experience of the Portsmouth Trust, lawyers, accountants etc. are very quickly needed.

So we are ready for any eventuality, we’ve set up a Fighting Fund to pay for these things.

Can you help us?

We know that money is very tight for most fans at the moment, but we also know just how important Coventry City Football Club is to all our members.

A donation to the Fighting Fund will help enormously

It’s important that you know that the money you give will go into a separate account, and will only be used for the type of things mentioned earlier. If we don’t need the money for any reason, our AGM will decide what is done with it.

You can donate through the website

These are dark days for our football club, and we need, as the largest Sky Blues supporters organisation, to be ready to act on behalf of our members.Don’t forget: our aim is a club that is open, transparent, and fully engaged in the community, with supporter involvement at its heart.

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Source: Coventry MAD