Sky Blue Trust Demand Answers

31 July 2013 01:34
The Trust Pose Questions That Need Answering

Current events at Coventry City have a number of puzzling aspects, but there are some that seem particularly relevant now that “crunch time” has arrived. These questions surround the shadowy figure of Joy Seppala.

We'd like to know the answers to the following in particular:

Ms Seppala is not on the list of directors of any Sky Blue Sports & Leisure Group company, yet she appears to be taking the decisions for the Group. Isn’t she therefore a “shadow director“, with responsibilities under the Companies Act and subject to investigation under the Insolvency Act 1986?

How does this apparent role as a “shadow director” square with the Football League’s Owners and Directors Test? Did she complete that test? If not, why not?

As sole agent for her investors with discretionary powers over those investments is she therefore the controlling party of CCFC under Football League rules? Shouldn’t that have been disclosed?

If decisions regarding the football club are reliant on Ms Seppala’s approval why is she NOT a director of any of the Group companies and present at all the important meetings with the administrator and ACL etc?

Is it true that the Football League was subjected to legal threats if they did not approve the plan to groundshare?

At the meetings with ACL last week were there threats to sue ACL and its stakeholders if Ms Seppala didn’t get her demands met?

Did she demand at those meetings she wanted the freehold of the Ricoh at a knock down price, and nothing else would do?

We know that Sky Blue Sports and Leisure, (the company that not only owns Coventry City FC Ltd., now in administration, but also CCFC (Holdings) and Otium, the proposed owners of CCFC Ltd.) is so late in filing its accounts that Companies House is investigating whether the directors should be prosecuted. To allow that to happen, are those the actions of diligent and responsible directors or “shadow directors”?

In fact the whole group of companies are late filing accounts, and seem to make a habit of that. Why is Ms Seppala, in her obvious position of power not insisting that the accounts are filed on time each year?

We'd love to know the answers……………………. 

Source: Coventry MAD