SISU's Reluctance Could Mean More Points Deduction

17 March 2013 04:22
City Could Start On Minus Fifteen

The reluctance of SISU to sell Coventry City to a buyer if the club were placed into administration could see the club starting next season on minus fifteen points.

If SISU refuse to listen to offers from other potential buyers if the club is placed administration at the High Court hearing this Friday, then fifteen points could be deducted by the Football League.

“It wouldn’t scupper a sale but it might mean the club starts next season on  minus15 points,” Football Finance expert Brendan Guilfoyle explained to the Coventry Telegraph.

“For this to happen Sisu would have to vote against any sale – and they probably would – but if they block a sale it could still go through in special circumstances.

“Could Sisu as the largest creditor scupper the CVA by not agreeing to it? Yes, they could. But that doesn’t mean the administrator couldn’t sell the club.

“There is a precedent with Leeds United whereby they couldn’t get the CVA through so the new owners applied to transfer the club in ‘special circumstances’.

“But in doing so the Football League gave the club a second 15-point deduction. But I don’t know whether it will come to that with Coventry City.”

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Source: Coventry MAD