Sisu To Off-Load Its Polish Telcom Interest

30 August 2013 12:01
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Owners of Coventry City -Sisu Capital Ltd are looking to off load their share in Polish cable company Netia.

SISU has a 11.47% share in the company which is working with UBS to find a buyer. 

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The rough translation of which is:

The German Telekom working on her strategy for Eastern Europe . Cornerstone for information from the Wall Street Germany a standard table with mobile and landline services . In the course of the telecom could buy , but also by separate business units . Management Board and Supervisory Board will meet in the coming week in Poland for advice. 

Poland is the one-eyed man among the blind in the European business of telecom . Despite a 2.6 -percent decline in sales in the second quarter , the operating margin increased by 2.8 points to 36.1 percent.

The result was up by 5.8 percent. Detriment of the Poland - business : In our Eastern neighbours is the only mobile telecom go. An acquisition could change that. This , they say people familiar with the situation , looking at Netia Telekom , a cable operator to follow a similar strategy as in this country Vodafone Germany with the purchase of cable . Netia has long been in the sights of Telekom , the people say.

The publicly traded cable operator is almost half owned by financial investors. Two of them, Third Avenue Management and Sisu Capital have already hired the investment bank Morgan Stanley to hold out for prospective buyers , said a person familiar with the process . Deutsche Telekom aims to offer its stated strategy , mobile and broadband Internet access from a single source , which they followed in Germany , spread to other markets in which it has not yet have a landline . 

The interest in GTS Central Europe , which has fixed networks in some Eastern European countries is , however, waned somewhat , the people say. Yet nothing is set in stone, a purchase of Netia or GTS Europe depended on how the final strategy look , the sources said . But it could also give companies and markets that do not fit into the strategy.

So is about the whereabouts of T-Mobile in the Czech Republic in the group to the test. Here , the regulator wants to establish a new entrant in the forthcoming new edition of a spectrum auction . This would exacerbate the already tense situation even more competitive .

In the relatively small Czech market, the telecom giant Deutsche Telekom , Telefonica and Vodafone compete. In addition, the telecom there would take a lot of money in hand . T-Mobile in the Czech Republic is part of the Telekom not complete and the minority shareholder Mid Europa Partners , which holds about 40 percent , had recently shown intent to sell . "The future of T-Mobile Czech Republic within the Telekom is discussed , but it is still unclear in which direction deflects the pendulum ," said one person. Of course , T-Mobile Czech Republic no small chunks : T

he approximately 60 -percent stake in the telecom company , with its nearly 6 million mobile and 117,000 broadband Internet customers is the DAX companies, with 1.75 billion euros in the books. This would give an enterprise value - without debt - of about 3 billion euros . 

Still trying telecom CFO Tim Höttges at the exact strategy. And one person said that the designated telecom sales executive is skeptical . He already has his hat on , says a person who knows the company inside.

Even during his several-week stay in the USA Höttges has worked on strategy and decision-making processes. It is generally expected that Rene Obermann leaves the company before year-end. An exact date of leaving , he could already tell the Supervisory Board on the strategy meeting in the coming week. Obermann had already announced the end of last year , to step down as Chairman at Telecom by the end of 2013 and a few weeks later said that he will be at the top of the Dutch cable operator Ziggo from next year . A Telecom spokesman declined to comment on the report .


Source: Coventry MAD