SBT - Questions About The Ricoh

05 December 2013 01:31
Questions The Trust Wants Answers To

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE RICOHIn the past few days there has been a lot of press surrounding the future of Coventry City playing at the Ricoh Arena, long term, short term, renting, owning, freehold etc and the Sky Blue Trust is attempting to cut through all the spin and misconceptions flying about by asking all the relevant parties some straightforward questions. The questions are not biased towards anyone party or anyone outcome but simply an attempt to demystify the whole affair and allow the fans to see what is actually going on.The questions are all published below. They were emailed to all parties on 3rd November 2013 and when we have responses we will publish them to you, our members. 

Otium Entertainment Group Limited

- have you ever received proposals from the Football League for them to broker talks with ACL on a rental deal of any kind?

- If so, did the Football League proposed talks include any offer from ACL of a rent free period?

- If so, did you inform the Football League that you rejected the proposal for talks and any rental offer? If so on what basis did you reject those proposals?

- What is the business case that makes remaining at Sixfields more viable than even a short term return to the Ricoh?

- In addition to the rent paid at Sixfields does CCFC pay match day costs?

- What match day revenue does CCFC receive whilst at Sixfields?

- Please define clearly the reasons why the only solution is for CCFC to own the freehold of its stadium – surely it is income streams that are of prime importance to the      football club? That doesn’t necessarily mean freehold ownership.

- Are you willing to look at anything other than freehold ownership?

- Will Otium Entertainment Group Limited, its directors or owners enter in to any discussions with ACL regarding rental agreements?


- have you ever asked the Football League to broker rental talks with Otium Entertainment Group Ltd? If so when?

- Did ACL ever provide proposals for the Football League to put to Otium Entertainment Group that included a rent free period for the 2013/14 season?

- What period did those proposals cover?

- Did the proposals conveyed to the Football League include any rights to match day incomes? If not could these match day incomes be purchased by the club at extra cost?

- What do match day expenses cover please define the costs involved?

- Are you prepared to discuss with CCFC a new rental deal at the Ricoh Arena even on a short term basis?

- Have you placed any time limits on the possibility of discussions?


Coventry City Council

- Has the council ever made any rental proposals to CCFC, Otium Entertainment Group or SISU?

- Have the council excluded any potential option to settle the dispute?

- Has the freehold interest in the Ricoh Arena site ever been valued by the Council?

- has the Council been approached by any SISU related entity or agent or neighbouring Council  in respect of building a stadium or sports facilities within the City boundaries or within 5 miles of those boundaries?

- Are the Council prepared to discuss further with CCFC & ACL the return of the club to the City?

- Has the Council estimated the loss of revenue to the local economy of CCFC playing outside the City? If so what is the estimate?

Football League

- Were the Football League ever asked to broker talks between CCFC/Otium and ACL

- Who asked the Football League to broker talks and when?

- Did the Football League receive proposals from ACL that included an immediate return to the Ricoh Arena on a rent free basis this season?

- Were the ACL proposals (including rent free period) put to Otium/CCFC by the Football League?

- Who from the Football League put the proposals to Otium/CCFC?

- Who from Otium/CCFC were the proposal put to and when?

- Did Otium/CCFC reject those proposals?

- What reasons did CCFC give for rejecting the proposals?

Source: Coventry MAD