Save Our City

18 May 2013 11:37
Act To Stop Fisher's Plans

Dear Tim Fisher and the rest of the faceless idiots hiding at whatever office it is that your "run" my beloved football club, for five years of my life.

I fought tooth and nail to make sure supporters had a say in that football club.

When SISU wanted to buy I supported that transaction based upon the promises and assurances given to me by their representatives and I did so in "good faith".

The thing with faith is that actions speak louder than it. And you have broken every single one of those promises and assurances.

Today, I awoke to the news that Mr Fisher has stated Coventry City Football Club will definitely not be playing at the Ricoh next season but will build their own ground and return to the city within 3 years.

I would love to know if these idiots have a GCSE business studies between them. You have alienated your customer base and your partner agencies. What on earth makes you think you will have anything to return to? Or is that the plan?

I urge every CCFC fan to join together. This could be the last chance we have to save this beautiful club. She is on life support and they are about to turn off the machine.

The FA and Football League have turned their back it is down to us now. Stop the apathy, stop thinking we can't fight them. We have a whole city and supporters of other clubs on our side.

Yes it is David v Goliath but we all know how that turned out.

Save our City. Thank you for taking time out to read this

Source: Coventry MAD