Robbie Keane In The Premier League High Earners

07 November 2010 07:51
How the other half live According to today's News Of The World, former Coventry City forward Robbie Keane is the top paid player at his club.The paper has produced a table of who is the highest paid player at each club in the Premier League and Robbie Keane, who is reported to earn £80k a week comes in eighth.Yaya Toure of Manchester City, according to the paper is being paid a staggering £220k a week, followed by Manchester United's Wayne Rooney on £200k a week. Other top club earners earning more than £100k a week are John Terry on £160k, Steven Gerrard on £140k and Cesc Fabregas on £110k At the other end of the scale, Blackpool are reported as paying only £10k a week for DJ Campbell and Charlie Adams.