Ricoh Arena Is An Olympic Class Stadium - Coe

20 September 2011 12:49
Seb Coe in Coventry Lord Sebastian Coe was at Ricoh Arena yesterday on a tour of Olympic facilities and left impressed according to reports. Speaking to the CT, Coe said about the venue which will stage mens and womens football: “It’s already an Olympic-class stadium. “I don’t think there’s any greater tribute than that. “It supports the city, with wonderful facilities and a football club that is truly part of the community. “There’s a whole series of reasons why we came to Coventry and quite frankly the most important one is that we wanted to be here. “I’ve been to a game here before. I know how passionate people are about their sport. It’s in their DNA. “This is a big boost. Of course football is the national sport but this is broader than that. “Very few cities around the world can call themselves Olympic cities.”