Recognise Your Position - ACL Lawyers Tells Cobblers

31 July 2013 12:04
ACL Lawyer On Legal Action

Arena Coventry Limited Lawyer James Powell has said that if Northampton Town FC recognise their position then High Court action for damages could be avoided.

In a statement, James Powell, acting lawyer for Arena Coventry Limited said: “We are taking this very seriously. It is with some regret that we have had to take this action, but as we didn’t get a clear and substantive response to the first letter, then we have to do something about it.

“If Northampton recognise their position, then I am sure it can be resolved.

“There is a contract in place which says Coventry City are contractually bound to play at the Ricoh Arena.

“Northampton Town have come along and entered into an agreement with a third party, which is effectively inducing Coventry City away from the Ricoh Arena to play in Northampton.

“We think there is a liability for a substantial sum of money from these actions.”

Northampton, who, were warned by a number of supporters of both the Cobblers and the Sky Blues, that agreeing a deal to let Coventry City rent Sixfields would have repercussions,  have said that the matter is being dealt with by their solicitors, have fourteen days to respond to the summons, and another fourteen further days to file their case.

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Source: Coventry MAD