Property Consultants Valuing The Ricoh Arena

16 October 2013 01:27
CNS Comment

According to an article by the Coventry Telegraph's Les Reid, property consultants CBRE are valuing the Ricoh Arena site as well as seeking a site for a new stadium for the Sky Blues.

It is clear that the tide has turned and the main priority is getting Coventry City Football Club playing once again in its rightful home.

Who owns the Ricoh Arena is seen by many City supporters as irrelevant but the decision to force the club to play matches at Northampton has and continues to affect many thousands of people including Council Tax payers and voters in the Council Elections.

It is not good for the Club or the city to have supporters, many of whom are clearly displaying symptoms associated with that of a junkie after their football fix was cruelly and wrongly taken away, divided,

Neither is it good how SISU have basically kidnapped the club and held it to ransom with the Ricoh Arena being the demand, actions which highlight why many will be glad when Tim Fisher and his cronies are gone from the club.

So should the demands of kidnappers even be considered? Ordinarily, no. However, getting the Sky Blues playing in their rightful home city is the bigger picture and granted that it is not an ideal situation and selling the Arena to SISU Capital Ltd would not sit easy with many supporters, something needs to be done in order to bring the Sky Blues home. 

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Source: Coventry MAD