Preston's Flying In

06 April 2013 12:10
Preston Haskell IV To Watch City Game

Potential investor in Coventry City, Texan Preston Haskell IV is flying in today to take in Coventry City's home game with Brentford.

Mr Haskell is due to meet supporters representatives as part of his trip and speaking about this, Gary Hoffman told the Coventry Telegraph's Andy Turner: “We need owners that can provide stability and, hopefully, success but stability would do for starters!

 “We need people that care about the club, the stadium and the City of Coventry. This is the right mixture; local involvement and fans involvement together with a serious investor who is committed to making a positive difference.

 “We need straight talking and open communication and Preston and his team have made a good start with the way in which they have communicated with fans’ representatives today.”

It is not known if there will be any talks with the Administrator Paul Appleton who is now running the club.

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Source: Coventry MAD