Preston Haskell IV Is Of Serious Intent - Elliott

25 March 2013 11:40
Joe Says Potential Investor is Serious

Mr Coventry Joe Elliott has said that Preston Haskell IV is serious with his intent to invest in Coventry City.

Speaking to the Coventry Telegraph, Mr Elliott said: “There has been no agreement but I can assure you that there has been correspondence between us all and, let me be crystal clear, that this guy is of serious intent.

 “We will do everything we can – as Gary Hoffman and I have always done – to help any investment group that may be interested in coming in and looking at the arena and the outside areas of the arena and investing and then, if the opportunity arose, to look at the football club to see if we could do something to package it all together.

"There’s a long way to go and Preston has to be satisfied that the business plan that he has for the Arena works with the football club."

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Source: Coventry MAD


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