Pressley Unhappy With Manner Of City's Defeat

30 September 2013 12:01
More from City Boss On Defeat To Brentford

Coventry City manager Steven Pressley has said that he will be working with the players to make sure that they learn from the lessons of the defeat to Brentford.

The most disappointing thing about the defeat was the lack of spirit from the City players after the second Brentford goal and if it was not for Joe Murphy, City would have been on the end of a good hiding.

“That was an under-par performance and that’s something we haven’t been accustomed to that this season," said Pressley to the Coventry Telegraph's Alan Poole.

“You’re always going to lose games in football – that’s a fact of life – but there’s a manner in which you should lose games and the one thing that really disappointed me was that after the second goal we seemed to lose a little bit of spirit – it looked as if we’d accepted it.

“That’s not what I want and we’ll be working very hard this week to make sure we learn from that and don’t let it happen again.

“We started well – for the first 20-25 minutes it was very much what we’ve been about this season with the pressing and quick passing and we looked like we could open them up.

“But once they scored they made it very difficult for us. They were sitting in, denying us the space and hitting us on the counter.

“They deserved their victory and it could have been worse because Joe Murphy played really well and denied them on a number of occasions in the second half.

“You give Brentford credit for that because they were very well organised and they stifled our patterns of play. But when that happens you have to be prepared to do something to make the difference and we didn’t do that.

“We lost our composure and – our passing became a bit lethargic, a bit safe; we didn’t play with the speed and energy normally do.”

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Source: Coventry MAD