Pressley No Regrets Over City

07 September 2013 10:50
Pressley On Managing City

Coventry City manager Steven Pressley says that he has no regrets aout taking the Sky Blues job.

Pressley has got on with things despite having the club uprooted to Northampton thanks to a decision made by Tim Fisher, purely because he could not get his own way and told the Daily Star: "No, I genuinely mean it. There has never been a point where I said 'Oh I can't be doing with this.' "Playing Sunday every other week has been quite good. We work to cycles with the players and it's proved slightly better.

"It's not thrown us out at all. My family come to the games. My son is actually in our academy.

"My missus is tremendously supportive - which is just as well. We've moved. New home, new schools, the lot.

"This job is for real for me. I think if you leave your family up the road then you spend most of your time trying to get back up the road and this isn't that type of job.

"The family are settled and if your family are happy it makes it easier."

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Source: Coventry MAD


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