Pressley Keeping His Players On Track

13 December 2013 12:20
City Boss On New GPS System

Coventry City manager Steven Pressley is keeping track of his players by using a new GPS system.

We will be trialling the GPS in our training over the next three or four months,” said Pressley to the Coventry Telegraph's Andy Turner 

“It will give us increased data and feedback on all the players’ daily training performances, and that will be hugely beneficial in all our preparation and our fitness work.

“In simple terms it gives us all the feedback on high intensity sprints for a given day, distance covered and all the details on things like load, which are essential in terms of how much load goes through their bodies every day and every week.

“So it allows us to pinpoint and be very accurate in the amount of training we give the players in relation to the working week.

“The players wear a special vest with a GPS monitor in there, and it gives you information like how many turns they make in a session and how many contacts they have on the ground, so it’s really detailed and allows us to take our sports science to another level, which I think is hugely important when you are always trying to improve things within the club.”

He added: “It all works off a satellite and it’s an incredible system that allows us to monitor and begin to fully understand our players’ performance, and it also allows us to understand when players are fatigued or having to work harder to reach certain levels.

“We have to use it for a period to collect all the data initially and then we’ll start to see patterns within players’ performances.

“The naked eye is your main tool a lot of the time but when you get a bit of kit like this it makes the job a lot easier to understand the demands on the players. So it’s a brilliant tool that is used by all the top clubs. And it allows us to move forward.”

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Source: Coventry MAD