Pressley - I Want City In Coventry

19 June 2013 12:57
Pressley Wants Correct Solution Found

Coventry City manager Stephen Pressley has said that he wants Coventry City to be playing in Coventry.

Pressley, whose budget will be cut from £4.5m to £2m based on City getting crowds of 2,000-3000 at the Bescot Stadium, a figure seemingly based on hope as many expect the City support to number in the few hundreds, told BBC Coventry & Warwickshire: "It's far from an ideal situation. It's far from what we all want. 

"We all want Coventry City playing in Coventry, but it's about finding the correct solution, and that's the important thing.

"And hopefully in the days and weeks ahead we can do that."

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Source: Coventry MAD