Pressley Confident He Can Drive The Club Forward

27 April 2013 09:21
City Boss Confident He Move The Club On

Coventry City manager Steven Pressley has stated that he is confident that he can drive the club forward and repay the fans faith in the club.

The City boss clearly still has to persuade sections of the support, judging by events at recent matches, that he is something other than a cheap stop gap but Pressley told the Coventry Telegraph's Alan Poole: “Uncertainty is never ideal but we are going to have to go through that period before we come out the other side.

"I’m very confident we will do that – and when we do I’m very confident we can start driving this football club forward.

“I was brought here to create a certain football model and I’ll be working very hard towards that. There will be no compromise.

“There’s been a lack of direction for many years at this club and we’ve got to bring a clear strategy. And the message I’ve been given is to carry on in exactly the same frame of mind as we would if we weren’t in administration.

“I have to reshape the team and prepare for next season and we’ll be working tirelessly through the summer to make sure that we can deliver that by ensuring we recruit the right type of player.

“By that I just don’t mean the technical aspects – they are obviously important but the mentality is vital and I want to fill this club with players who are really hungry for success.

“That’s one area we’ll be working hard towards. The other is the detail – we’ll have a team with a full understanding of their jobs and responsibilities and a clear idea of what’s expected from them every Saturday.

“I know the way I want the team to play and the type of player I need to do that, players who are hungry to take this club forward.

“There are obviously players already here who very much fit into that style and we’ll hopefully keep those. We’ve obviously been doing all our homework and we’ll speak to personnel we are interested in.

“We have an embargo just now so we can’t officially sign anybody but we can give players a steer on where we are so hopefully they will be interested in coming here.

“I’m desperate to bring success here, determined to repay the fans’ faith in the football club, and we’ll be working tirelessly to turn things round.

“It’s certainly going to be an interesting period – and hopefully an exciting one for our supporters.”


Source: Coventry MAD