Players To Come In And Out - Robins

14 November 2012 12:19
City boss looking to wheel and deal

Coventry City manager Mark Robins has said that he is keen to bring in new players and loan some out before the Emergency Loan transfer window closes next Thursday.

City have six players already on loan but the City boss is looking to do some deals, possibly swap deals.

Speaking to the CT's Andy Turner, Mark Robins said: “There are players out there and some that will want to come, and as we get nearer to that window we might get some business done.

“But it’s a question of whether we can work it because we have got a number of players here who need to play so we have to see if we can move one or two out and bring one or two in.

“We’ll see if we can do something with one or two that need games, if I can maybe look to do some swaps. If someone can get games somewhere else it might just freshen things up, give them a change of environment and scenery, and it might do one or two a world of good.

“That’s something I may pursue but there has got to be an agreement and consensus from them to do that. I am not necessarily confident but I will do if I can."

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Source: Coventry MAD