Players Have Been Receptive To My Methods - Robins

01 October 2012 05:07
Robins on changing things round

Mark Robins has said that the players have been very receptive to his training methods.

Robins and his assistant Steve Taylor have come into the club with the desire to freshen things up amongst the players and get them back to winning ways.

Speaking to club journalist Keiran Crowley, Robins said:  "They have all been very receptive to my way of training and ideas. There haven’t been any negative responses and I wouldn't expect there to be either. 

"If there are any negative responses, they won't be here for long. They have got to work and work hard for the club. We have to be serious about our jobs but also have fun doing it as well.   "I think they need to have a smile on their face, which they do at the moment and that is the consequence of getting three points at the weekend. I think the players have now properly introduced themselves to each other since the win.   "There heads are high and you can see a notable change in the squad. Hopefully we can carry that through to the next game and like I say, we have two home games now which is a great opportunity for us to play against two good sides."     More on this: