Players Could Be Chipped

15 February 2013 12:02
Players Could Get Their Collars Chipped

The International Football Association Board will on March 2nd discuss at its meeting in Edinburgh the possibility of players having a microchip in their shirts which could possibly warn of heart attacks such as the one suffered by Fabrice Muamba during the Tottenham versus Bolton FA Cup tie.

The laws of the game currently prohibit electronic communication between players and the bench, but the IFAB have been asked to consider microchips in the collar of a player's shirt that can relay data including heart performance, body temperature and the distance being covered.

Scottish CEO Stuart Regan told the Press Association: "These chips can monitor heart performance, distance run, changes in a person's body functions what's operating differently to how it was in the first half. "We are looking at whether there are medical benefits, such as whether it can warn of problems such as Fabrice Muamba suffered, which would make it a no brainer for this to come in.

"We are trying to consider whether or not things can make a positive difference in the game rather than just another example of technology being brought in. There is a chip in the shirt at the back of the player's neck and the data is fed back into a laptop."

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Source: Coventry MAD