Players 100% behind Thorn say Cranie

21 April 2011 08:49
Squad out to help convince board to appoint Thorn as new manager Coventry City defender Martin Cranie is the latest player to publicly back Andy Thorn as the next manager and has said that the players will be doing their utmost to perform to or even exceed their limits in an effort to persuade the board to seriously consider the former chief scout. Under Thorn, Coventry City have gone from relegation candidates and secured their Championship status for another year. It would take a catastrophic run of results from Coventry and an unequally unrivalled rise in fortune for Scunthorpe for City to be threatened with relegation now. The 24 year old versatile defender Cranie said that the aim of the team from now on until the end of the season is to amass as many point and finish as high in the table as possible and they intend stating by beating Friday's visitors to The Ricoh, Scunthorpe. Not only are the players determined to finish the season on a high, they want to reinforce the managerial candidacy of Thorn. Cranie said, “We’re all 100%  behind Thorny. We think it would be great if he got the job and if we want that to happen we’ve got to work hard and get the results.” “I get on very well with Thorny and all the lads will say the same. Andy and Steve Harrison taking over gave us a new lease. Right from the word go we’ve been given the freedom to express ourselves and show that we are good players." "The football is a lot better than it was and we’ve got three wins in four games so there’s a real buzz about the place. I don’t know how many games we went without winning but it was a lot and we couldn’t see where the next result was coming from, but we were told that what’s gone was gone and we had to start again." "They told us how they wanted us to play and it’s worked, everybody can see that. Things have really picked up for us in the last few weeks and we want to keep that going, we want to pick up some more wins, make sure we finish as high as we can and hopefully take that form into next season.” “Nobody’s going to be putting their feet up. If training gets a bit sloppy Thorny soon stops the session and lets us know about it!”