Platt Wants Fair Treatment From Referees

19 September 2010 05:24
Platt on referees Coventry City striker Clive Platt has said that he wants fair treatment by referees.Speaking to Andy Turner, writing for the Birmingham biased Sunday Mercury, Platt, who scored against Bristol City yesterday said: "I find it frustrating sometimes with referees. "As long as it is fair and the refs don't mind their player grabbing me and me grabbing their player then I am all right with that because I can deal with it."But if he doesn't want me to grab their player then he shouldn't let my opponent grab me, so I do find it difficult when I go up for headers and their guy seems to be jumping on my back."If you prevent him doing that by holding him down you get a foul against, so it just makes my job a heck of a lot harder and it is disappointing because you are not being treated fairly."Against Leicester, big Stevie Howard went on for them and the ref did the same to him, so it just seems to be big forwards that they have a problem with."I saw him go up for a couple of challenges and as soon as he used his arms it was a foul, but our defenders and their defenders, especially, as soon as they used their arms to get the extra leverage he didn't seem to give it as much. "But that's referees for you."