PKH - SISU Refuse Meeting Offer

19 July 2013 12:09
Knatchbull Hugessen on meeting snub

Peter Knatchbull-Hugessen has told the Coventry Telegraph that SISU have refused the latest offer for a meeting.

SISU have said that they will not agree to any meeting unless the CVA is agreed and signed and PKH told the CT: “We are very disappointed because we don’t see the two as being connected.

“There’s a company in administration that owes us money, but there’s a way forward.

“We are going forward, we have to look forward. “They say they are looking forward, we think that looking forward to going to Northampton is not the best for anybody.

“It’s not the best for them as a business, we feel, it’s certainly not the best for the Sky Blues community and we would like to see them back so it’s a disappointment.”

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Source: Coventry MAD