Picnic on Jimmy's Hill!

03 September 2013 12:55
KCIC Plan Family Friendly Picnic ‘ACL-FL-SISU: it’s time to talk!’ is the message Coventry City fans from the Keep Cov in Cov campaign group will be publicising on Sunday 8 September at a Family Friendly Picnic on the bank overlooking Northampton Town’s Sixfields ground, when CCFC play Colchester. Fans have dubbed the bank ‘Jimmy’s Hill’, a reference to City hero Jimmy Hill who led the Sky Blue revolution of the 1960s.


Keep Cov in Cov Coordinator, Michael Orton, explained: “everyone knows CCFC playing in Northampton is unsustainable and what is needed for the situation to be resolved is for all parties to sit down together and talk about this properly, not act like squabbling kids only interested in saying it’s all somebody else’s fault”. This coming weekend is an international break so there are no Premier League matches and City fans see it as a great chance to get attention for the Keep Cov in Cov message.


To add to the sense of occasion, coachleasing.com are laying on their 73 seat double-decker Sky Blue bus for just £5 return and under 16s free. The Sixfields ground is unusual in that it is immediately next to a steep bank from which up to two thirds of the pitch can be seen. The bank itself is highly dangerous, being man made from when the area was a landfill site for domestic waste. But around the top of the bank is a wide tarmac path from which it is safe to overlook the Sixfields ground, and on match days it is common to see some Northampton fans on the path ‘watching’ the game, or at least a portion of it, for free.


Michael is keen to emphasise the Family Friendly nature of Sunday’s event: “To be dead clear, this is absolutely NOT about dissuading people from going inside Sixfields nor confrontation of any kind. It is just a great opportunity to attract attention to the Keep Cov in Cov message - 100% peaceful and making our voice heard in a positive way”.


Anyone interested in joining the Picnic on Jimmy’s Hill event on Sunday 8 September, or booking seats on the Sky Blue bus, can get further details by emailing keepcovincov@gmail.com or call/text 07716 406 221.          


Source: Coventry MAD