Petition For Council To Sell The Ricoh To Be Presented

22 October 2013 12:17
Petition To Be Handed Over

A petition, calling for the return of Coventry City FC back at the Ricoh Arena regardless of who owns it, with around 750 signatures on it will be presented to Coventry City Council today.

The petition will be handed over by those involved with the Get Cov Back To The Ricoh campaign group during a peacful protest outside the Council House in Coventry at 1pm today before the full Council meeting.

Those involved with the campaign have said: "We want to build on the work already done by a lot of Cov fans in keeping this issue in the news.

"There have been fans at the Ricoh, outside Sixfields, at the Sisu & Football League offices in London and the big march in the summer so we're adding to that by protesting outside the Council House before the council meeting.

"There will be fans in London tomorrow with the issue being raised in Parliament too.

"Where next? The Higgs Centre? The FA? Compass offices? Back to Sisu? We'll be looking to co-ordinate with other fans after tomorrow's event to see what everyone thinks."



Source: Coventry MAD


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