People Will Expect More After That Performance

20 November 2012 12:02
Robins on expectation level rise

Coventry City manager Mark Robins thinks that people will now expect more of his side after Saturday's 5-0 victory at Hartlepool United.

Speaking at the pre-game press conference ahead of City's trip to Colchester United tomorrow night,  Robins said to club journalist Keiran Crowley: "People will now expect more after that performance as they showed what they can really do and they will be expected to produce that type of performance on a more regular basis now.

“We are not asking them to do anything they are not capable of and they are really looking forward to the next game. When you come of the back of a performance like that, every game becomes more enjoyable and I am sure confidence will be high tomorrow night."

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Source: Coventry MAD