Owning The Ricoh Won't Solve City's Problems - Duggins

01 April 2011 03:44
City Councillor say buying the Ricoh won't help According to Coventry City Council deputy George Duggins, Coventry City would still be in a financial mess even if they owned the Ricoh Arena.Speaking to the CT after it has been said at the press conference on Wednesday that City were to meet the Council to discuss buying back the Alan Higgs share of Arena Coventry Limited, Cllr Duggins said: "It's a total misconception that if only the club had control of the Ricoh they would not be having the problems they do. "I do not believe that for one minute, it's not the panacea people think it is."The Ricoh Arena has made a profit of £3.2m in 2009 and £546k in 2010 and Mr Duggins added: "The route isn't about ownership of the ground because the fundamental issue is the playing staff: they have made transfer decisions that have weakened the club."


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