Otium To Get CCFC Ltd - Your Views

15 June 2013 01:57
Your Views

Some of your views following the news that Administrator Paul Appleton has award the bid for Coventry City Football Club Limited to the SISU owned Otium Entertainment Group.

"How can a company yet to file accounts be good enough to takeover anything. Joke."

"Incensed does not come close 2describing how I feel about the #ccfc situation rite now. It is corrupt. THOSE bastards hav destroyed OUR club"

"How can @football_league seriously pass Otium Entertainment as fit & proper owners, Otium are late filing accounts. Pls FL do your job #DENY"

"Such a shame so fans are having to boycott future @Coventry_City games due to the actions of one man today. Appleton I hope your proud"

 "#sisuout lets do it for my boy and all other sky blue kids  that will never see cov in cov"

"14/06/13 Remember the date, as this was the day football fans were discarded by @football_league as disposable objects #ccfc"

"So disappointed about the administrator's decision. Just don't get what the SISU's motive is. I've got to quit my skyblues player's deal!!"

"One thing us cov fans must not do is argue and fight amongst ourselves. If people want to go let them they are not traitors. We must fight!"

"shame the football league haven't cared about this saga in the slightest #disappointed"

"@football_league if you approve the Otium deal, and #CCFC go the same route as Portsmouth, you will have played a huge part in that.".

"Plenty of options, Coventry Blaze, Coventry RFC, Coventry Bees, Coventry Sphinx. Let SISU rot and support a local side IN Coventry. #SISUOUT"

"Is absolutely outraged that Sisu got their hands on @Coventry_City  surely they can't pass the 'Fit & Proper' tests that allegedly exist."

"ACL cocked up big time - naive to think was about the rent: went for regime change and failed."

"Outcome was inevitable and don't expect SISU broke sweat. Re-think required by ACL/CCC. They are just as much to blame for our demise #PUSB"

" SISU wont ever get hold of the RICOH - the council will make sure of it and fair play to them"

"So Otuim put in an inflated bid which then makes them their own largest creditor. And the administrator thinks, yeah, that's legit".

"@football_league please listen the the fans, the people of #CCFC who matter. Paul Appleton has made a dangerous decision today. #SisuOut"

"@football_league too many clubs go to the wall because of unfit owners. It is the fans that suffer hardest. Time to take action now please"

"well all I can add that hasn't already been said is that Appleton was APPOINTED by SISU - so its a no brainer that he would go for Opium DisentertainmentIMO Appleton has always been in SISU's pocket. I just hope, against all hopes, that the Football League REALLY look at this because it stinks. Has anyone tried to stir up the MP's again ????"

"I have emailed the Football League as this company has never traded and was about to be dissolved by HMRC. When will all this end?"

"What you have to understand is that SISU held all the Aces when it came to bidding for CCFC, They are the biggest creditor, so unless someone had offered £60,000,000 for nothing, then they could always offer to "Pay Themselves" more than any other bidder. It is a stitch up for the fans, but it was inevitable that they would win the "Bidding Process"! It could be the "Beginning of the End" for Coventry City FC and it is a huge gamble SISU are taking with OUR CLUB. Coventry Rugby Anyone?"

"Thats me done with ccfc. Feck you sisu and feck you administrator. Piss off to walsall with your plastic football club sisu. Today my club died. Gutted."


Source: Coventry MAD