One Account Of City Fans Row

30 September 2013 12:06
One Man's View

Below is one first hand account to the row between Coventry City supporters which had to be separated by the police.

"first instance of any name calling was a car load of so - called 'City' fans who exited the stadium following Brentford's 2nd goal - driving past, hanging out of the windows shouting "Hill monkey w@nkers" at people on the Hill.

This led to one or two people on the hill calling the next lot of 'loyal' fans exiting the stadium following 2nd goal scabs.

A chap responded by shouting "Support the team you b@stards!" and then made his way past people on the Hill continuing with a tirade of foul mouthed abuse.

He obviously got a verbal response and never in a million years was there any danger of anyone from the Hill getting physical with him.

Next up came some short fellow with a gang of mates sniggering and laughing at people on the Hill. They got a lot of abuse, ie called scabs but no threats of violence.

I think it was all of the posters from the GMK fanzine, about 6 of them.

So to sum up, the people who go inside the sixfields started it.

Quite frankly, the people on the hill were very restrained and dignified. And fair play to the Brentford fans on the hill. Snidey comments have been taking place for weeks from people going into the stadium"


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Source: Coventry MAD