Oh Tim Fisher Get Out Of Our Club

18 May 2013 01:44
Fisher Time To Go

Tim Fisher, It is time to admit your failings and get out of Coventry City

To be honest, we cannot believe that you are still employed by SISU, unless your role was to run the club into the ground, something which you are doing a fine job in.

From what we understand rightly or wrongly, ACL and the Council won't deal with your unreasonable demands regarding the rent. Ok, you might be acting on the orders of Joy Seppala but your negotiating skills have plunged the club to depths lower than anyone could imagine.

Any other business would have brought someone else in to deal with the negotiations if one person was causing a problem and it is high time that others were sent to the table to sort out a deal which you seem incapable of achieving.

Your 'City being locked out' claims have been proved as nothing but falsehoods with Jacky Isaac personally telling over 200 City supporters at a lunch recently that ACL/ Ricoh Arena want CCFC playing there.

Maybe, Mr Fisher if you had, if you believe certain rumours, not ordered the decision to get all CCFC staff and equipment out of the Ricoh Arena, then your locked out claims might have had a touch more validity.

But let us not forget that you have taken Coventry City Football Club out of the Ricoh Arena and have been CEO of the club which has not paid its rent and the director of a company which was placed into administration, causing the team to have ten points deducted and  a premature end to the season.

What good you have done has been greatly over-shadowed by your  failings regarding the Ricoh Arena and your latest stunt, which strangely was leaked to Sky Sports rather than put on the official club website, of trying to find the club somewhere else to play when there is absolutely no need and nothing that sensible people cannot sort out. is an action which is rightly riling City supporters who, thanks to your ineptitude, could face having to spend extra time and cash, something they might not be physically able to do, in order to watch City play a 'home' game.

Moving to a smaller stadium, assuming that you get planning permission and can find the finances for this, is not good for the long term future of the club, you claim you want to assure.

The Crewe JPT game proved that City supporters will turn out for a successful team and that City do need to be in a stadium that can cater for 30,000 but your current plans of playing away from Coventry for the next three years will cost way more in the loss of supporters and income from sponsors etc as well as affecting the very good work of departments within the club like Sky Blues In The Community.

If, Mr Fisher, you do want to genuinely help the club then step away and give others the chance to undo some of the damage you have helped to cause.



Source: Coventry MAD