Nowhere Near As Good As We Can Be - Boothroyd

06 November 2010 10:51
City boss demaning more from his players. Coventry City manager Aidy Boothroyd has admitted that keeping the Sky Blues in fourth place in the Championship table will be the hardest job."We've been riding our luck at times, but I think you can see we are getting better all the time," said Boothroyd to the CT."You've got to keep on top of yourself and each other because you are always just one second away from things going wrong."Getting to fourth is not the hardest thing in the world to do - staying fourth and above is tough."We must not get carried away. There are thirty two games to go which is a lot of football but we've got to let that take care of itself and focus fully on Leeds United."We can't think we have done enough after 14 games because we've done nothing like enough -we're nowhere near as good as we can be, nowhere near as good as I want us to be.The players are not performing to the levels I think - I know - they can get to. If they can reach those standards, it should make for a successful season, but we have to take each game as it comes."