Now We Are Paying For Your Row

29 March 2013 02:44

If we have learned anything from Coventry City being deducted ten points by the Football League for going into administration, it is that the current system for clubs going into administration of a points deduction is wrong.

The deducting of points of which over forty Football League clubs have suffered, affects the players, coaching staff, club staff and the supporters and in the Sky Blues case, the deduction has wrecked any chance of making the play-offs ended.

But what have the City players, coaching staff, club staff and supporters done to force the club going in administration?

Coventry City are in administration due to the efforts and lack of rent, from owners SISU, who placed CCFC Ltd into administration. OK, they stole the thunder from Arena Coventry Limited who were also trying to put the club into administration, something which came about because of a rent row between SISU in the guise of Joy Seppala and Tim Fisher and those involved from the Arena Coventry Limited side including Coventry City Council employees.

This row has had nothing to do with City supporters, the players, coaching staff and most of the club staff and this Board Room level squabble highlights why there needs to be a change in the PL/FL rules so that instead of punishing the soft target, those who have caused a club to enter administration should be the ones who pay for the consequences.

Personal fines could be one way of metering out a due punishment with the prohibiting of being involved with another football or sporting club for a few years possibly another, something which might persuade a few Directors/ CEO’s, owners, etc to try that little bit harder and find solutions to keep their club out of administration.

Of course, the Directors of the member clubs who travel abroad to attend the Football League AGM every June are unlikely to vote for anything which makes them responsible for their actions and unfortunately, this harsh punishment of the innocents every time a club goes into administration will continue unless the authorities punish those really responsible. 

Source: Coventry MAD