Now Nuneaton Have Ground Issues

16 May 2013 12:04
Stadium Ownership To Be Settled

Ian Neale is hoping that Nuneaton Town's Liberty Way stadium can be transfered to a new company after news that the Ian Neale Construction Group, which has ownership of the stadium, will be closed down via Members Voluntary Liquidation .

Nuneaton Town Chairman Ian Neale issued the following statement

“It has always been my policy to keep fans informed and to  make everyone involved with Nuneaton Town Football Club fully aware of any events either directly or indirectly that by association bring any degree of concern or worry for supporters.

“For some considerable time now I have been restructuring my business interests outside of the football club, it is important for you to know that I see my role at the club is to look after its interests firstly and look forward to ensure its continued development for the future which has been the case for the last five years.

“As part of this policy I would like to make it known that as Ian Neale Construction Group is no longer part of my future plans it is been agreed for it to cease and be closed down via Members Voluntary Liquidation. The company has no employees and has not traded for some time, its assets will be realised by the Liquidators and it is hoped that the small number of creditors will be paid in full.

“The group does have ownership of the football stadium that is leased to the football club till 2021 and it is my hope that the football stadium will be transferred to a new entity, subject to the Liquidators agreement. The club has not paid any rent as this has to date been covered by means of a sponsorship arrangement with the group. In fact group, or myself, have never have  never received any payment from the club in the last five years.

“I thought it important to advise you of this change albeit if I had no link to the club the matter would not be worthy of a newspaper column or two, although I accept and understand that the role I play at the club means that anything that links to me seems to be deemed as newsworthy. As I advised the other week, I am pleased to confirm that the club has no overdraft, is fully paid up with HMRC and has passed all the financial requirements of the Football Conference.

“Looking ahead I continue to seek out potential investment to take the club forward and see development both on and off the field to give the town a club it can continue to be proud of.

“If anyone wishes to contact me directly I will as always look to answer any questions. The challenges facing the club continue to grow as the club has become more successful with more pressure on general running costs and playing budget so it is important that I ask for your support in spreading the word in town on a positive manner about the club and what happens on the field as to grow the club we need to grow the support and any assistance is widely appreciated.

 “I thank you for your support and hope you can appreciate my openness by providing this information to you.”

Source: Coventry MAD


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